Bodywork Coaching Yoga Retreats



Equable; Even-Minded; Possessing Equanimity

Bodywork Coaching Yoga Retreats

Step in & Live Life for Today

A Return to Being

Develop Mind and Body Consciousness   

Practice Self-care and Discernment

Discover  How to Keep Life Simple

De-clutter your Mind  

Become Heart-Centred

Attain Embodiment and Body Alignment

Sustain Balance

Live the Life you Consciously Choose

There is Everything to Gain and Nothing to Lose


At Samacitta we offer various options to help you achieve physical and emotional balance and to be at ease in your own skin: bodywork sessions; one-to-one or group yoga classes; and in coaching sessions we can examine and fully understand - together - the exact nature of the current issues that get in the way of your freedom.  Attend an exclusive Samacitta yoga retreat for an intensive, unforgettable, shared experience amongst like-minded friends. Our next yoga retreat is at a luxury private masseria close to Lecce,  June 22 to 29, 2019 in Salento, Puglia, Italy.   Lastly, host your own bespoke private retreat, specially curated by us and tailor-made to your specific needs and requirements, giving you and your select group of friends an experience to cherish and remember long afterwards.    Our intention is for you to redisover the splendour of your own growth, the beauty of freedom and the stability and sense of ease that comes with having inner balance, so that body, mind & soul can return back to the centre, to an innate neutrality, to spaciousness and, back to truth.

Samacitta is a Sanskrit worD meaning To possess Equanimity; BE Even-Minded or Equable - it is all about Balance

When we are still and away from distractions, awareness is sharpened.  a new clarity and learning right response to awareness is key to what we offer you. 

In allowing yourself to receive.  You begin by trusting just for the day.  We begin by accepting you, wherever you’re at.

That simple. namaste.