Return to a Sense oF WEllbeing

Develop Mind and Body Consciousness   

Practice Self-care and Discernment

Discover  How to Keep Life Simple

De-clutter your Mind  

Become Heart-Centred

Attain Embodiment and Body Alignment

Sustain Balance

Live the Life you Consciously Choose

There is Everything to Gain and Nothing to Lose


At Samacitta we offer various options to help you.  You can achieve better physical and emotional balance through receiving our regular bodywork sessions.  Through our coaching sessions, we can examine the exact nature of the current issues that you may feel are preventing you from living the life you would choose and from being all that you know you can be.  And, you can attend an exclusive Samacitta well-being retreat for an intensive, unforgettable and shared experience amongst like-minded souls.

Our exclusive holistic retreats offer intensive one-to-one attention from our team of mind/body therapists and holistic practitioners, yoga teachers, coaches and nutritionists who will seek to nourish, inspire, revive and restore you back to inner balance and the truth of yourselves.  

Samacitta is a Sanskrit worD meaning To possess Equanimity; BE Even-Minded or Equable - it is all about Balance

When we are still and away from the distractions and busy-ness of our lives, we can become more aware of thoughts and emotions that we may find challenge us at times.   We all face challenges on a daily basis in life, some are harder than others to manage, but the key is learning how to respond to any occurrence and what action to take or not to take. 

Whether in one-to-one coaching or in bodywork sessions, or in a combination of the two, or on retreat, we can assist you to begin the process or deepen your personal journey from wherever you are at, by uncovering body and mind blocks and creating new, more open pathways that allow you to let go and gain relief and a new sense of freedom from the inside out. On retreats we offer a myriad of therapies including watsu, aquatic dance, yoga, life coaching, psychotherapy, inner voice work, acupuncture, bodywork, nutrition, meditation, journalling, voice work and psychic adjustment - all to deepen and become aware.  

It is simply a question of reaching out and asking for help and allowing yourself to make a new beginning.  Begin by making the decision to begin from wherever you are today. That is all.  That simple.  If you’d like to try a free 30 minute sample coaching session please click here: