Samacitta retreats are like spiritual surgery or psychic transformation...   

An integral and holistic approach to being, to self, to living with awareness is what Samacitta retreats are all about.  Working with your own highly qualified yoga instructor and holistic bodywork therapist, you will delve into immersion with yoga and bodywork and eat highly nutritious food and live with intention and optimum nourishment  to help restore you back to balance in mind, body and spirit.  We offer two types of retreat service:  wellness/yoga retreats as part of our annual retreat calendar and also carefully curated bespoke retreats tailored to your own group/individual requirements for groups of family and friends who wish to spend a week together either for time out, to nourish or perhaps as a special celebration for an anniversary or birthday in an exclusive private retreat space of your choice.  We have a selection of preferred venues to offer you if you are interested in hosting your own bespoke retreat.   

With a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 18 spaces on any retreat,  our next pre-organized retreat is in Puglia, Italy at one of the Europe’s best dedicated yoga retreat venues, LA ROSA DEI 4 VENTI, as featured in the book GREAT YOGA RETREATS published by Taschen Books.  La Rosa dei 4 Venti, which means Rose of the Four Winds, is near Martina Franca in Puglia and is a typical Italian 'masseria' or farmhouse in the green and glorious Itria Valley, nearest airports are Brindisi and Bari.  Dates are from June 23 to 30, 2018.  Come and join us in June to shed old layers and to renew, rejuvenate and restore over the 8 day/7 night retreat that includes asana, meditation, pranayama and bodywork and delicious farm-to-table food.  Practise yoga twice daily a.m. and p.m. with Monica Marini.  The accommodation is  set in an idyllic estate and features stunning trulli architecture, a beautiful pool, a perfect yoga space and 15 hectares of gardens for walks to be had in the secluded woods and grounds.  

Prepare to immerse yourself in simple Italian pleasures, extremely healthy and alkalising food, and a yoga program designed to recalibrate you. The yoga shala is a beautifully converted 18th century barn situated in a peaceful part of the property which used to be a monastery and the spiritual resonance can still be felt.  The hard wood floor and traditional stone, arched, white walls are designed to keep the room cool during the warm months as well offering space for guests to move through sequences uninterrupted. This retreat is open to everyone, suitable for both beginners and more advanced practitioners.

Later in September, in Umbria at Eliantemo in Spoleto, from  September 8-15, 2018 we shall be holding a week long retreat exclusively for already certified and registered Esalen®  bodywork practitioners to come and get together to practice and share with one another - either as a refresher for their own sessions or simply to recalibrate and have time out and nourishment and to be re-inspired.   The yoga studio and bodywork studio at Eliantemo have been designed according to sacred geometry and the location in the hills above Spoleto gives a spectacular 360 degree vista of natural beauty.    All venues are ideal for meditation, down-time, reflection and time out to restore and return to a greater sense of being from the inside out, rather than from the outside in. 

 La Rosa dei 4 Venti, our retreat venue June 23 to 30, 2018

La Rosa dei 4 Venti, our retreat venue June 23 to 30, 2018

If you would like to join an upcoming retreat either book from here for June in Puglia or send us an email to reserve your place for the others.  The next upcoming retreat is 23 to 30 June, 2018 at La Rosa dei 4 Venti in Puglia.  If you miss out  in June in Puglia, then in September we will be in Umbria at Eliantemo,  in the hills overlooking the city of Spoleto,  from 8-15 September, 2018.  In 2019 we will be at In Sabina from 3 to 10 August, 2019, where there is a vast wooden yoga deck in the middle of the exquisite countryside and a house which sleeps 12 to 18 and pool amidst 4 hectares of blissful rolling mountains.   Each retreat is unique of itself, each venue brings a certain quality of silence & space,  each a private immersion, each with the common thread of self-acceptance and surrender to our true selves. The aim is to allow for connection, intimacy, to find a deeper sense of being - to find more alignment with your higher selves, to hear and listen to your soul and to allow yourselves to fall into a richer, deeper experience of yourselves.      There will be twice daily asana practice, meditation, free-time and integration time and bodywork time at each retreat.  Please join us. 


If you are interested in a bespoke retreat we can arrange it for you.   

If you are a group of friends who would like to share a private villa or retreat space and host your own private yoga retreat we can arrange everything for you.   We have a variety of ideal retreat venues in Italy, India and worldwide to suit every requirement.   We can source the venue, arrange the menus and curate the retreat experience on your behalf so that you can enjoy a week of healthy living with your friends and family.    We offer a bespoke private service with your own yoga teacher, bodywork/massage therapist, chef and can include a variety of healing arts like breathwork, sound healing, dance if you desire.  Just let us know your group size and email us your preferences at

I cannot thank you enough for organising such a beautifully curated week of spiritual yoga practice, sumptuous and healthy meals, a perfect venue and most importantly — sharing it all with such an exceptional group of people. I am looking forward to the next one next year!
~France B - in Italy, August 2017

The drive here has allowed me to reflect on my time on retreat with you all. It really feels as though this came at the perfect time to wake me up.
Thank you for taking such good care of me, and for infusing the retreat with your generous spirit.
~Tamara B - in Italy, August 2017

What a truly wonderful week - loved every bit of it and you made it just that more of a ‘special’ one, thank you so much Katrina.
~Lubna Al-F, in Italy, August 2017

Thank you dear Katrina for your insights, your kind hands and your gentle guidance and organization. It was a blissful week.
~Denise K, in Italy August 2017
 At our 2018 venue in Puglia at a luxurious trulli-style masseria near to Martina Franca - June 23 to 30, 2018

At our 2018 venue in Puglia at a luxurious trulli-style masseria near to Martina Franca - June 23 to 30, 2018

 Dining at La Rosa dei 4 Venti - Puglia - June 23 to 30, 2018

Dining at La Rosa dei 4 Venti - Puglia - June 23 to 30, 2018

 The gardens and glass room at La Rosa dei 4 Venti, Puglia

The gardens and glass room at La Rosa dei 4 Venti, Puglia

Massage room con Mimosa copia.JPG
Patio8 copia.jpg
 The Pool, La Rosa dei 4 Venti, Puglia

The Pool, La Rosa dei 4 Venti, Puglia

 Bodywork and massage room at La Rosa dei 4 Venti, Puglia

Bodywork and massage room at La Rosa dei 4 Venti, Puglia

 One of the bedrooms at La Rosa dei 4 Venti, Puglia - every room whether single or double occupancy is en-suite with it’s own bathroom

One of the bedrooms at La Rosa dei 4 Venti, Puglia - every room whether single or double occupancy is en-suite with it’s own bathroom

 Yoga Shala at La Rosa dei 4 Venti, Puglia

Yoga Shala at La Rosa dei 4 Venti, Puglia

Yoga teachers  (L to R):  Monica Marini & Katrina Johnston ( +retreat organiser & bodywork therapist)

Receive a Samacitta bodywork session

The body doesn’t lie.  It is honest.  The intention of the body is to simply be, to be as nature intended - to heal, to grow, to flourish and to follow and be directed by the natural innate cellular wisdom that is held within.  

Influenced by yoga and ayurveda and by the natural tides of the sea and the rhythm of the breath Samacitta bodywork is a full body meditation using the healing art of touch, giving attention to the breath, to subtle movement, to sound and to essence.  Long strokes with fluctuating pressure, depending upon the flow of the body.  The purpose being relief, alignment, release and to restore to self.   To discover and open the places where we hide and bury our secrets, so that we can release the old and create a newer freedom and spaciousness within.  To let go of the fear, the shame, the anger, the thoughts and misdirected beliefs that create patterns and habits and that continue to pervade our sensory, cellular being from the inside out. 

Katrina trained in AyurYogic bodywork and AyurBalance bodywork 13 years ago, prior to that she was giving ‘un-trained' sessions.  She began her own journey into embodiment about 20 years ago following chronic illness and spiritual, physical and mental breakdown by age 27.  Through bodywork grew the inspiration for being and for living again, from both receiving sessions, and from giving the power of touch and from the inner change that came as the result.    It was through the art of touch and developing self and somatic awareness that she was able to really honour her true self and draw inspiration from the body's innate wisdom, and natural capacity to heal itself.  With training in India from the teachings of master teacher Kusum Modak at Rasovai and then further training in with Ellen Watson from the Esalen®️ Institute in Esalen®️massage/bodywork -  Katrina gives sessions today using different parts from each modality - creating a hybrid Samacitta session.  It is an intuitive session on the table - fully-body deep bodywork including neck, face, hands, feet and belly: areas which are often missed and yet so vital to go deep into.  The belly is the ‘brain’ of our cellular being and generates our core energy and life force/ agni or fire - and very often there are blockages here that have been buried for years and, that, after time and movement, can transform. Sessions can give a renewed sense of liberation and connection to our 'real' or true selves. 

Bodywork sessions are 60 minutes or 90 minutes and if it is your first ever bodywork sessions then pre-booking a telephone consultation beforehand to get started is a good idea.   This consultation is free and gives both you and the practitioner an idea of what you may need.   Katrina gives sessions from a home studio in Puglia, Italy and in London periodically (every other month) - London sessions need to be booked well in advance, to allow for travel time and planning.   

Having worked in the holistic field for many years it was a joy to come across Katrina. Her specialist bodywork is second to none. As a nutritionist I have sent clients to Katrina and seen how much they have improved as a result.
Tara Inchbald Holt, Medical Nutritionist, Edinburgh

Katrina gives knowledgeable sessions that flow with intuitive ease. I benefitted from a 90 minute session that allowed for a deeply relaxing and meditative experience. I highly recommend.
Seona Elise Robinson, Owner EcoYoga Ltd

Katrina’s energy and hands gave me one of the most magical experiences and I thank her for that - it was like receiving a session from an angel!
Athina Vakali, Yoga teacher, Athens

Katrina’s loving spirit and shining intelligence carried me through a very dark period, into light.
Her wisdom and articulacy are a blessing to all who encounter her.
Her kindness unparalleled.
Charlotte Adler - Portrait Artist, London

Thank you for yesterday - you are an angel. I love that you reminded me on a deeper a level. I love that we are reconnected. You are very, very special.
Jacqueline H, Master Life Coach, London

You really are very good at this aren’t you!
Alice Hart-Davis, Journalist, London

Katrina is an old soul...
Her sensitivity, intelligence & the perilous journey she has travelled enables her ability to identify accurately with each & everyone she encounters.
I will always be in her debt...
Moira Elias (old enough to be her Mother) Art Philanthropist, Montreal & Edinburgh

You are such a beautiful, powerful healer Katrina.
Laura McNaught - London, February 2016

I think often of the phenomenal session I had with you. It’s about your healing touch and your soulful aura, and also what you said. It was the first time someone—a stranger no less—told me, with such compassion, that she recognized what I was going through in the way you did. It was such a simple gesture...but so profound. It gave me the license to release more deeply.”
Karlyn K - on Retreat in Italy, August 2016

Bodywork is not a massage; it is therapy for the body and therefore works right into your spirit, into your soul & so your well-being. Katrina makes it feel like a shared experience and an art-form. Both during and afterwards, I felt held, protected and a powerful sense of connection to my feelings. She has great strength yet gentleness in how she works through your body in a responsive way intuiting which part to focus attention on. It was for me a unique experience and I would highly recommend Katrina.
~Kate W on Retreat in Italy, August 2017

Do you keep on repeating the same behavioural patterns and wondering how to break them?  Do you feel stuck?  Do you find it hard to identify what you are actually feeling and struggle connecting to the felt-sense, rather than just to your thoughts or knowledge?   Are you using a lot of energy hiding or avoiding your emotional reality and ‘stuffing your feelings’ with spending, busy-ness, work, food, sex or television or over-using the internet.  All of the above can lead to an acute sense of inner loneliness and isolation or disconnection from who you really are.   Would you like to experience self-connection and a sense of liberation or inner freedom?  Would you like to gain perspective and connection to your real self?   These are the questions to ask yourself.

Katrina Johnston offers one-to-one holistic coaching and therapeutic mentoring sessions either in person or by Skype or by telephone.  

If you are not sure but would like to have a free trial coaching session, you can begin with a 30 minute call to see if it's something you'd like to pursue further.   If you are in recovery from addiction and need extra support in the early days of recovery or to refresh your commitment later on, then therapeutic mentoring may be the answer for you.  Again, you may start with a free mentoring session before you commit. 

Katrina trained in London with Jacqueline Hurst, UK's best Life Coach, at the Life Class School.  She has also worked for Start-to-Stop Recovery Centre in London as a consultant therapeutic mentor for those with addiction issues, whether substance or process addictions such as food, work, sex or gambling. Mentoring sessions, which encompass elements of coaching, is a more direct, focused and strategic process, in that an individual works on “next steps” to take.  Mentoring is not psychotherapy or past-oriented, but instead focuses on the present, in addressing an issue and engaging possibilities that can support success, achievable outcomes and goals for people in recovery from addiction. Individuals often seek guidance or mentoring related to personal and professional work, relationships, creative projects, life transitions or when looking for new openings and possibilities beyond what they have achieved or previously considered. Ideal for people in work, relationship, health, financial or identity transitions.  Katrina has nearly 20 years experience working on a voluntary basis with people with addiction.   

If you would like to make an email enquiry please do: to or click below to book a free consultation.