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Having worked in the holistic field for many years it was a joy to come across Katrina. Her specialist bodywork is second to none. As a nutritionist I have sent clients to Katrina and seen how much they have improved as a result.
~Tara Inchbald Holt, Medical Nutritionist, Edinburgh

Katrina gives knowledgeable sessions that flow with intuitive ease. I benefitted from a 90 minute session that allowed for a deeply relaxing and meditative experience. I highly recommend.
~Seona Elise Robinson, Owner EcoYoga Mats, Edinburgh

Katrina’s energy and hands gave me one of the most magical experiences and I thank her for that - it was like receiving a session from an angel!
~Athina Vakali, Yoga teacher, on retreat at Ulpotha, Sri Lanka

You are such a beautiful, powerful healer Katrina.
~Laura McNaught - London, February 2016

I think often of the phenomenal session I had with you. It’s about your healing touch and your soulful aura, and also what you said. It was the first time someone—a stranger no less—told me, with such compassion, that she recognised what I was going through in the way you did. It was such a simple gesture...but so profound. It gave me the license to release more deeply.
~Karlyn K - on Retreat in Italy, August 2016

Bodywork is not a massage; it is therapy for the body and therefore works right into your spirit, into your soul & so your well-being. Katrina makes it feel like a shared experience and an art-form. Both during and afterwards, I felt held, protected and a powerful sense of connection to my feelings. She has great strength yet gentleness in how she works through your body in a responsive way intuiting which part to focus attention on. It was for me a unique experience and I would highly recommend Katrina.
~Kate W on Retreat in Italy, August 2017

I have never experienced a massage like hers before - it felt as if we were energetically combined as one. She worked through my body and eased and loosened and released my joints with such sensitivity and rhythm that it felt more like a full body meditation and I felt incredible afterwards!
~B-J. R, Reiki Master/Teacher & Healer on a two-day Retreat in South Italy, June 2018

Katrina you are wonderful.
I was over the moon about your bodywork.
Katrina’s strong and confident hands worked their magic to relieve and release the tension I had in my painful back and shoulder.
I highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants to heal on all levels physically, mentally and spiritually.
~Susanne K, on Retreat in Puglia Italy, June 2018

This is the best session I have ever had, it really got in, your hands were gentle and strong at the same time and you really hit the spot energetically and got right into the centre of my being…
~Dagmar W, on Retreat in Puglia, Italy, June, 2018

for YOGA taught by Katrina

Katrina’s yoga sessions allowed me to gently ease my arthritic body back into poses that I had not been able to achieve in months, without over stretching and without pain. 

~B-J, on two-day-Retreat in Puglia, June, 2018

Katrina's yoga classes were a fabulous addition to a women's retreat at our masseria in Puglia. She led us through our poses with calmness and gentleness with an understanding of our different abilities.  We were then stretched and chilled ready for our day. 

~Nicky R, on two-day-Retreat in Puglia, June, 2018



I cannot thank you enough for organising such a beautifully curated week of spiritual yoga practice, sumptuous and healthy meals, a perfect venue and most importantly -- sharing it all with such an exceptional group of people. I am looking forward to the next one next year! 

~France B - on Retreat in Italy, August 2017

The drive here has allowed me to reflect on my time on retreat with you all. It really feels as though this came at the perfect time to wake me up.

Thank you for taking such good care of me, and for infusing the retreat with your generous spirit. 

~Tamara B - on Retreat in Italy, August 2017

What a truly wonderful week - loved every bit of it and you made it just that more of a 'special' one, thank you so much Katrina.  

~Lubna Al-F, on Retreat in Italy, August 2017

Thank you dear Katrina for your insights,  your kind hands and your gentle guidance and organisation.  It was a blissful week.  

~Denise K, on Retreat in Italy, August 2017

Thank you both for your presence on this retreat...

The combination of yoga and bodywork is really the best idea and this location is just a dream.

Such a lovely location, you can feel the love that reigns there. Everyone with each other, true to nature and to the animals: that is true yoga. We love Apulia, and the food, we'll be back.

~Thomas & Susanne on Retreat in Puglia, Italy - June, 2018

It was an unforgettable experience: a week of yoga practice in complete harmony with nature, barefoot, with no makeup and hairdo, with no negativity, sleeping without closing your door, surrounded by love, happiness, friendship and beauty.. Feeling so blissful.

~Irina B on Retreat in Puglia, Italy - June, 2019