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Samacitta bodywork is intuitive flow, full-body bodywork including subtle body energy work

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The body doesn’t lie.  It is honest.  The intention of the body is homeostasis, and to be as nature intended - to heal, to grow, to flourish and to follow and be directed by the natural innate cellular wisdom and intelligence that is held deep within every single cell that we have. When we connect to that innate intelligence and when we allow, we become open for miracles to happen. Whether healing from chronic illness or from emotional trauma, once we step out of the way and out of fight and flight mode and into pure unconditional love and into trust - anything and everything is possible for us from a healing perspective.

Influenced by yoga and ayurveda and by the natural tides of the sea and the rhythm of the breath and by cranial sacral therapy - Samacitta bodywork is a full body meditation using the healing art of touch and a deep intuitive perception from hands and heart, giving attention to the breath, to subtle movement, to sound and to pure essence.  Long strokes with fluctuating pressure, depending upon the flow of the body.  The purpose being relief, alignment, release and restoration to wholeness.   Experiencing, feeling and opening the places where there is energetic holding, to release the old and create a renewed sense of freedom and spaciousness within.  To let go of emotional holding and the thoughts and misdirected beliefs that create those patterns - allowing for a sensory journey and a return to being in the body and for an experience of the body from a cellular level - from the inside out. 


Katrina trained in AyurYogic bodywork and AyurBalance bodywork nearly 15 years ago, prior to that she was giving ‘un-trained' sessions.  She began her own journey into embodiment about 20 years ago following chronic illness and spiritual, physical and mental breakdown by age 27.  Through bodywork grew the inspiration for being and for living again, from both receiving sessions and from giving them - the direct result being a profound inner change of perspective. It was through this transformative experience and sense of liberation and an ever-deepening sense of self and somatic awareness, that she was able to really honour the true self and directly experience the body's innate wisdom and natural capacity to heal itself.  With training in India from the teachings of master teacher Kusum Modak at Rasovai and then further training in with Ellen Watson from the Esalen®️ Institute in Esalen®️massage/bodywork -  Katrina gives sessions today using different parts from each modality - creating a hybrid Samacitta session.  It is an intuitive session on the table - fully-body deep bodywork including neck, face, hands, feet and belly: areas which are often missed and yet so vital to go deep into. 

Katrina gives sessions in London and Puglia. Either from her home studio or at your private venue (Italy only). Please book your sessions in London or Italy by clicking on the button below.

Having worked in the holistic field for many years it was a joy to come across Katrina. Her specialist bodywork is second to none. As a nutritionist I have sent clients to Katrina and seen how much they have improved as a result.
Tara Inchbald Holt, Medical Nutritionist, Edinburgh

Katrina gives knowledgeable sessions that flow with intuitive ease. I benefitted from a 90 minute session that allowed for a deeply relaxing and meditative experience. I highly recommend.
Seona Elise Robinson, Owner EcoYoga Ltd

Katrina’s energy and hands gave me one of the most magical experiences and I thank her for that - it was like receiving a session from an angel!
Athina Vakali, Yoga teacher, on retreat at Ulpotha, Sri Lanka

You are such a beautiful, powerful healer Katrina.
Laura McNaught - London, February 2016

I think often of the phenomenal session I had with you. It’s about your healing touch and your soulful aura, and also what you said. It was the first time someone—a stranger no less—told me, with such compassion, that she recognized what I was going through in the way you did. It was such a simple gesture...but so profound. It gave me the license to release more deeply.
Karlyn K - on Retreat in Italy, August 2016

Bodywork is not a massage; it is therapy for the body and therefore works right into your spirit, into your soul & so your well-being. Katrina makes it feel like a shared experience and an art-form. Both during and afterwards, I felt held, protected and a powerful sense of connection to my feelings. She has great strength yet gentleness in how she works through your body in a responsive way intuiting which part to focus attention on. It was for me a unique experience and I would highly recommend Katrina.
~Kate W on Retreat in Italy, August 2017

I have never experienced a massage like hers before - it felt as if we were energetically combined as one. She worked through my body and eased and loosened and released my joints with such sensitivity and rhythm that it felt more like a full body meditation and I felt incredible afterwards!
~B-J. R, Reiki Master/Teacher & Healer on a two-day Retreat in South Italy, June 2018

Katrina you are wonderful.
I was over the moon about your bodywork.
Katrina’s strong and confident hands worked their magic to relieve and release the tension I had in my painful back and shoulder.
I highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants to heal on all levels physically, mentally and spiritually.
~Susanne K, on Retreat in Puglia Italy, June 2018

This is the best session I have ever had, it really got in, your hands were gentle and strong at the same time and you really hit the spot energetically and got right into the centre of my being…
~Dagmar W, on Retreat in Puglia, Italy, June, 2018