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Ecoyoga Mats

Biodegradable•Excellent Grip•

Natural •Tactile •Washable•Durable•Beautiful

 Manufactured in the UK since 2003 by ecoYoga - a small, ethical company based in Edinburgh - and inspired by a dearth in the global market for a functional, natural, mindful product the intention is to serve and enhance your yoga practice. The ecoYoga jute mats unique design remains consistent and committed. The ecoYoga jute mat is an entirely natural sticky mat composed from plant-based ingredients: 100% natural rubber compound and specifically selected jute weave, the unique design considers both the practical and aesthetic whilst still offering all the qualities needed for a sincere practice. At the heart of ecoYoga rests the belief that yoga and ecology are inextricably linked: both holding the potential to deepen our awareness and sensitivity: Yoga to the body and inner self and ecology to our natural environment.

Samacitta is a stockist for ecoYoga mats in Italy. We can supply to individuals and yoga/fitness studios in Italy and offer discounts on bulk orders of more than 8 pieces. If you are in Puglia we can personally deliver to you and are happy to come and let you try a mat for 20 minutes if you would like to test first. Please send an email to for more information. Pricing is 55 euro per mat (individual sale); 400 euro for 8 mats; 720 euro for 16 mats.

55 euro per mat when sold individually; 400 for 8 pieces; 720 for 16 pieces

55 euro per mat when sold individually; 400 for 8 pieces; 720 for 16 pieces